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Top Best Freelance Websites To Find Work in 2024

The top best freelance websites to find work in 2024 are challenging. I know In this fast automotive world when time passes by Jobless people are in search of skills to earn from the comfort of their zone. Freelance is one of the best skills that can be mastered and can make a handsome amount every month to meet your regular expenses.

In recent years, freelance work has become a more appealing, remote, and flexible job which has reshaped our perception of the traditional work mindset. It is really not rocket science but a skill to master.

These days, many freelance jobs are available for various skills. We can talk about many options from web developers to copy translators, etc. O, and finding a suitable job can still be a challenge even if you’ve still created an online portfolio.

Topping to add is that there are plenty of freelance websites that can come in handy while you’re searching for freelance jobs. My name is Ghosia and In this article, I have listed the top best freelance websites for beginners plus advanced professionals, so they can find work in 2024.

16 Best Freelance Websites to Find Work

You can go though the list below and choose one to read and find out about or you can go through all and select the best paltfom for yourself.

  • Fiverr
  • Toptal 
  • Jooble
  • Freelancer.com
  • Upwork
  • Flexjobs
  • SimplyHired
  • Guru 
  • LinkedIn
  • Behance
  • 99designs
  • Dribbble
  • People Per Hour
  • ServiceScape
  • DesignHill
  • Task rabbit
  • SimplyHired
  • Serviceescape
  • Solid Gigs
  • Aquent

Top Best Freelance Websites To Find Jobs

There are two main points when it comes to beginning your freelance career. You can get web hosting and domain names to build your very own website to offer services online to people in the web market. Secondly, you can register an account at one of the freelance platforms which I already have mentioned below in detail for your ease. So, let’s make the following list very handy for you


Freelancer.com is hell of famous freelance jobs platform. where professionals and companies collaborate on different projects. Thanks to the wide range of expertise, clients can easily find an expert of their type. With Freelance.com you can work as 

  • Content translation
  • Web development
  • Social media marketing
  • Content writing and much more.


  • Progress tracker
  • Live chat
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Complex interface
  • Spam applicants
  • Fake clients

You have two options for signing up on the platform, as a freelancer or as a business owner. If you choose to sign up as a freelancer, you’ll need to fill out a short registration form. Make sure to provide detailed information about your skills, educational background, and work experience.

On top of regular projects, there are also contests available, like visual or design work. Participating in these contests can be beneficial for freelancers, as they can earn money and receive reviews on their profiles.

Once you complete a job, you’ll receive full payment as a freelancer. However, please note that the platform takes a 10% commission from your total earnings for contests and fixed projects. When it comes to withdrawing your earnings, you can choose between PayPal or wire transfer, just like on most freelance sites.

Fiverr Platform To Find Jobs

This is one of the most famous and the top highly recommended places to offer your skills to all sorts of people around the globe.


  • Diverse category
  • Free registration
  • Online courses
  • High commission charge
  • Long payment process

It is a platform that connects freelancers with clients looking for services in various digital projects, including website design, content writing, Video editing, voice-overs and so much more. Moreover, it’s one of the best freelancing websites for students and professionals with countless freelance services to offer.

Fiverr provides a streamlined method for freelancers and business owners to interact with each other from all around the world. Sellers and buyers both can benefit from this platform with complete trust.

Sellers can sign up for free instead of sending out bids or a list of their gigs and set the suited prices. However, buyers can simply browse through different categories to hire these services. They pay to hire people to complete their tasks.

Whenever a buyer purchases a gig, the Fiverr system automatically charges their account. The money is put on hold. Fiverr charges a percentage of the commission fee and sends the rest of the offered price from the buyer on completion of the work.

It also relies on each freelancer’s seller level but the minimum time of withdrawal is 14 days. Fiverr allows multiple options to withdraw the payments, such

  • Debit card
  • PayPal
  • Wire transfer, etc 

With SSL certificate sellers are guaranteed protected payments. It protects billing and personal information as well. Around-the-clock customer support is always ready to help you with solutions.

This platform opens up a world of potential sales. With 3.42 million active buyers it is one of the top freelancer platforms to work with. The hourly rates are now cancelled just project-based pricing which you will get to decide.


Behance is different from previous freelance sites I have listed. It is a social network for creative talents. People worldwide use this website to build portfolios and share their creative work, ranging from animations and illustrations to website and graphic design, photography, social marketing, and much more


  • Large audience
  • Networking opportunities
  • Personalised content
  • Competitive environment
  • Limited size of an image file 

If you’re a freelance graphic designer, web designer, or animator, Behance is the place to be! It’s a platform where potential employers can discover your amazing skills. Just sign up and create your profile to get started. The more profiles you follow, the more posts you’ll see on your feed, giving you more opportunities to find freelance work. And guess what? 

Behance also has a job list that recommends personalized job opportunities based on your skills and expertise. It’s like having a personal job matchmaker. So, go ahead and showcase your talent on Behance to find freelance work that matches your expertise.

Flexjobs online paltform

Flexjobs, an absolutely great online platform. it specializes in flexible remote job opportunities. These include freelancing, part-time, and full-time jobs. There are broad categories, from education and training to journalism, writing jobs, content marketing, and transcription


  • Scam-free
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Reliable support 
  • Better jobs can be found outside this platform

It is one of its kind because Flexjobs makes every job listed on their website legitimate. They verify and screen all openings to filter out scams and fake companies. Unlike other online job boards, Flexjobs doesn’t display any advertisements on its page.

To find freelance jobs on Flexjobs, you’ll need to sign up for a subscription. They offer four plans starting from $6.95/week. With a subscription, you’ll get unlimited access to job listings, a personalized work portfolio, career advice, and free skills testing.

You can pay for your subscription using a prepaid card or PayPal. And the best part is, they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the service then you can get a complete refund.


Aquent is an amazing leading global platform which provides work solutions. It is helping businesses connect with the talent, technology, and freelance services needed to excel. They offer a variety of services, including:

  • Specialty Recruiting
  • Project management
  • Creative and marketing services
  • graphic design
  • copywriting
  • Video production and more

By Helping businesses improve their employer brand and attract and retain top talent it is one of the best platforms. It is rapidly recruiting solution that leverages AI and a marketplace of specialist recruiters across many industries. I think it is amazing to work with.


  • A pool of qualified talent
  • Time-saving
  • Efficient
  • Find the right talent quickly and efficiently
  • Promote business

Aquent has a team of experienced professionals who understand the challenges of today’s workforce in this fast challenging world. Moreover, it offers a variety of solutions to meet your specific needs and budget so you can easily connect.

More so, Aquent is a valuable resource for businesses looking to find talent, technology, and services. So you have all the choices you need to began your freelance job-seeking journey.


As its name, People Per Hour helps businesses find professional freelancers to hire the hourly or by projects. There are millions of freelancers from different industries for example 

  • Public relations
  • Marketing
  • journalism
  • Programming
  • Branding and so on.


  • Automated invoice
  • Location-based listings
  • Secure payment
  • free bids are limited

Freelancers can sign up for free and create their own profiles. Just keep in mind that the moderators will review each application before approving it. Once you’re approved, you can start exploring job opportunities in various categories.

When you’re working on a project, you can send offers and set your own prices. And when you’re done, it’s super easy to generate an invoice right from your dashboard.

Just like other freelancing sites, People Per Hour charges a service fee for each client. For example, if you earn $350, the website will take a 20% service fee. The good news is that as you work more, the fee will decrease. It’s a great platform to kickstart your freelance career


ServiceScape is an online job platform specializing in freelance writing, editorial, academic, translation, manuscript editing and translation work. This platform helps freelancers build their profiles and make them into a growing client database which helps in trust building.


  • Custom pricing structure
  • Flexible scheduling option
  • Effective communication
  • High commission percentage
  • Limited field of expertise

ServiceScape has a unique hiring process that sets it apart from other platforms. Instead of bidding or sending proposals, freelancers simply wait for work offers from clients. That’s why it’s important to have a standout profile.

Both freelancers and employers can easily connect on ServiceScape. You can send messages and even schedule conference calls to discuss projects.

When it comes to payment, ServiceScape offers multiple options. You can receive your income every month through PayPal, check, or Gusto. Freelancers have the flexibility to set their own pricing structure, whether it’s project-based or hourly. 

However, it’s worth noting that the platform charges a commission fee of 50% for every completed work. It’s definitely something to consider when using the platform.


DesignHill is a creative marketplace where businesses source quality design from professional designers and freelacers. There is a broad range of design jobs available, including 

  • Logos
  • Brochures
  • Website
  • Brands
  • Merchandise designs, and so on


  • Built-in online store
  • No service fees
  • Live chat support
  • Not for non-designers 

When you sign up for an account, you’ll have access to a wide range of freelance design jobs and exciting design contests. It’s a fantastic opportunity to expand your portfolio and build relationships with clients.

As a freelancer on this website, you can even create your own stores and sell your designs globally. They provide helpful tools like a profit calculator and a business card maker to assist you.

The best part is that DesignHill only charges service fees to clients, so you’ll receive the full amount of money in your DesignHill account from design jobs, contests, or store sales.

When it comes to withdrawing your earnings, DesignHill supports payment methods like PayPal and Payoneer. It’s convenient and easy to get your hard-earned money.


Toptal is a freelance website platform that connects qualified freelance industry experts and companies. Toptal has a massive and broad range of freelancers. Top Freelance services like

  • Web developers
  • Web designers
  • Finance consultants
  • Product managers 
  • Software development
  • Interim management, etc

Like another top platform, you can find Freelance jobs by offering your service on this platform.


  • Top-tier companies and talent
  • Free invoicing and payments
  • Extensive screening process
  • Big projects only

It requires passing five steps to become a freelancer at Toptal from the screening process to a comprehensive English evaluation to a project assessment and this process ensures only the top 3%. These are the qualifiers signed to the platform. 

If you are eligible and pass all of the steps then you can get job postings from top clients and companies like Motorola Airbnb and many others. Even though it is the best platform, failing the test will put your application process on hold for several months.

It also has a dedicated service for time tracking and invoicing which is called TopTracker. With this service, you will get the total price they offer and receive payments through Payoneer, Paypal, and even by direct local bank transfer. 

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It is one of the trending Job Search Engine. SimplyHired is a free job search engine that aggregates jobs from various sources like company websites, job boards, and social media. It allows Allows keyword, location, and job type searches. SimplyHired offers salary information and company reviews is a helpful resource for job seekers


  • Easy to use and navigate.
  • Comprehensive job listings.
  • Free to use.
  • Access to millions of jobs worldwide.
  • Salary insights for informed decisions.
  • Company reviews for informed job choices.
  • Efficient job alerts for relevant opportunities.
  • Require Job application process

You can easily search and view job details. Apply for jobs directly and save jobs for later. Straightforward process to Sign up for job alerts and it also permits one to read company reviews

By using specific keywords you can find the right job for yourself. You can filter your results and read job descriptions carefully. Tailor your resume and cover letter And follow up after applying.


Jooble is a search engine for job vacancies. It aggregates from 140,000+ sources worldwide which include

  • Corporate websites
  • Online job board
  • Freelancing platforms
  • Social networks
  • Classifieds.
  • Writing
  • Graphic design
  • Data entry, etc


  • centralized job discovery
  • email alerts
  • no signup necessary
  • no quick applications
  • must apply from each job vacancy’s source directly 

Using Jooble has a major advantage like you don’t have to check multiple job boards and freelancing platforms. It centralizes the process of finding freelance opportunities, making it super convenient.

Here’s the cool part, Jooble lets you find jobs within a specific region. On their homepage, you can select a city in your country to discover jobs limited to that area.

The best part is that there is no need to create an account to find freelance gigs on Jooble. Just enter the job keyword into their search engine. You can even apply filters like salary range, work experience, and post date to find your perfect match.

Since Jooble is an aggregator, when you select a search result, it’ll redirect you to the original job source. There, you’ll find more details about the job and how to apply.

If you want to stay in the loop, sign up for Jooble’s email alerts. They’ll notify you whenever a new job matching your keyword comes up.

Solid Gigs 

This is a great platform for finding Jobs with lots of opportunities for freelancers. It finds high-quality gigs and grows businesses. Solid Gigs personalized lead generation and predictable leads. It is 100% client-pay, full-control Freelancing platform.


  • Saves time
  • high-quality clients
  • increased income
  • more free time
  • greater control
  •  Multiple plans
  • free trial available

It is a great platform for freelancers to connect and share information. Good option for freelancers seeking better client sourcing and business growth options.


ServiceScape is an online platform which is connecting freelancers from around the world to make jobs easy. With clients seeking services like

  • Graphic design
  • Branding services 
  • BRAND development
  • LOGO design
  •  SIGNAGE and advertising
  • WEBSITE design


  • Project opportunities
  • Showcase work
  • Attract clients
  • Utilize tools
  • Resources to manage business

It relates talented designers with diverse skills and hires suitable designers for specific projects. It is a utilised and secured platform for project management. Matching designers with clients. You can find professional presentations of designer work. On top, It is also well-known for its efficient administrative management platform.

Overall, ServiceScape allows a convenient and efficient platform for both designers and clients to connect, collaborate, and achieve successful graphic design and branding outcomes.


This absolutely amazing platform provides a wide range of categories to freelance your services. From web design and software development to customer service and accounting it allows branding marketing, programming, website design, and much more. Upwork is a freelancing website connecting clients and freelancers from around the world. 


  • Payment protection
  • Credible clients
  • Budget-based projects
  • Lengthy selection process
  • High service fee

Both clients and freelancers have multiple ways to connect on Upwork. Clients can choose to post a job and hire talented freelancers. Similarly, freelancers can access the job board and offer a service to sell.

To get started as a freelancer on Upwork, you’ll need to create a profile. Make sure to include details about yourself, your expertise, and your work experience. Remember, clients will evaluate your qualifications by reviewing your profile when you bid for jobs or pitch a project.

Upwork follows a sliding scale commission fee structure. This means that the more you work, the less money you pay in fees. For example, the commission fee starts at 20% for the first bill of $500 and gradually reduces as you earn more.

When it comes to withdrawing your earnings, Upwork offers several options, including direct transfer, PayPal, and wire transfer.


SimplyHired is a wonderful freelance job online place. Here companies can post job opportunities for free and collect job offers from all over the internet on one page. The site has a clean user interface which makes it easy to browse jobs by your demanding category. Jobs to freelance type are like

  • Human resources
  • Finance
  • Social marketing,
  • Data entry and so much more


  • mail alerts
  • helpful guides
  • free job tools
  • Possibility spam 
  • No highly trusted

There are so many freelance opportunities in different fields, like finance and marketing. To find a specific job, just type in related keywords in the search box. And if you want more relevant results, you can narrow it down by adding your city, state, or ZIP code.

If you’re looking for a job, you should definitely check out the company pages. They provide valuable info like salary overviews, benefits offered, and reviews from real employees.

And the best part is, you can browse through SimplyHired without a profile. But if you sign up for an account, you’ll unlock some awesome job tools, like a salary estimator and resume builder.


Guru is one of the great places for freelancers and business companies across the world to work with each other. Companies can hire professional freelancers with different skills like,

  • programmers
  • graphic designers
  • product managers
  •  marketing
  • program
  • administration and so on.


  • secure payment
  • customized job listings
  • free membership
  • potential fake clients

This freelance website makes it super easy to browse job listings and send quotes to clients. To get started, just sign up and create your freelancer profile. The system will then give you job recommendations based on your skills and work experience.

As a freelancer, you can bid on both long and short-term projects and set a fixed price for each one. And when it comes to getting paid, there are multiple withdrawal methods available, like PayPal and wire transfer. Plus, the site has SafePay protection to ensure you get paid on time.

Oh, and here’s the cool part: every freelancer who signs up on this freelance website gets a free basic membership. But if you want even more tools to make your profile stand out, there are paid membership plans available.


I actually am a member as it is the most famous platform is LinkedIn. it is one of the popular job sites connecting an easy way to find jobs in many fields. It’s also a social networking platform for all types of professionals to connect and interact with one another. Jobs from copywriting to translation and from graphic design, social marketing, or blogging all are available here.


  • Networking opportunities
  • Recent news updates
  • Cost-effective
  • spam content often

Just sign up and make a profile to get started. Include lots of info, like your skills, education, and work experience. A detailed LinkedIn profile can open up more job chances.

Posting something new can also give your profile more attention. For example, if you’re a freelance writer, make a post about your expertise and attach your work samples. Potential employers might find your profile and offer you a job.

Checking out job posts on LinkedIn is also a great way to find freelance gigs. To find the freelance job you want, use relevant keywords and sort the results by the latest ones.


Dribbble is one of the most popular platforms for creative talents to meet, connect, and interact with each other. Designers and artists use this website to build portfolios and promote their brands it helps freelancers to showcase Thier skills in mobile design, illustration, animation, and much more.


  • Large network
  • Global community
  • Abundant design inspiration
  • Lists of freelance jobs, only available in the pro version

If you want to increase your chances of getting hired, creating a work portfolio on the website is a great idea! Just sign up for an account and upload your designs to showcase your skills. Another way to find work opportunities is by checking out the job board on your browser. 

You’ll find various types of jobs, including UI/UX design and content creation. However, access to the freelance job lists is limited to premium users. The premium version of Dribbble ranges from $5 to $15 per month. 

With a pro version, you can even upload videos and multi-shot images to your profile. Plus, having a premium account will give you priority placement on the hiring search listings. It’s definitely worth considering if you’re serious about finding freelance work.


To earn money from grocery shopping or even assembling furniture, check out the wonderful TaskRabbit website. TaskRabbit is a service provider that connects freelancers and clients together to help with various everyday tasks like delivery service, house cleaning and personal assistance.


  • Custom hourly rates
  • No service fees
  • Only for certain countries 

TaskRabbit is amazingly different from other freelancing sites because it focuses on simple errands like household chores, lighting installation, and delivery. To get started, just create an account, choose your area and category, and set your hourly rate.

There team reviews and does background checks for every application. Once your profile is approved, there’s a registration fee of $25. After that, you can start finding jobs and managing your work through the mobile app.

When you complete a task, you’ll send an invoice for the hours worked. The client will then deposit the money directly into your registered bank account. TaskRabbit only charges service fees to clients, so you’ll receive the full amount of the rate you charge. It’s a great way to earn money doing tasks you enjoy.


If you’re a freelance designer searching for job opportunities then you are at the right place because 99designs is the coolest place to be. It’s a freelance website designed specifically for designers and businesses to collaborate. You’ll find a wide range of design projects available, from creating logos and book covers to designing clothing and merchandise. 

It’s a fantastic platform to showcase your skills and connect with clients from all over this auomative world. Give it a try and explore the exciting world of freelance design on 99designs.


  • Dedicated environment
  • Payment Security
  • Active community
  • High service fees
  • The designer level is limited

Once you sign up on 99designs, you’ll be asked to create a profile and showcase your work experience to attract clients. The curation team will review your application and determine your designer level, which affects your visibility on the platform. 

Are you looking for freelance jobs in your expertise? It is a breeze on 99designs, Just select your fav industries, styles, and design categories, and you’ll have access to a list of exciting job opportunities right away.

When you collaborate with a new client, 99designs charges an introduction fee of $100 and a platform fee ranging from 5% to 15% which might not suit small businesses. But for high scale, it is best to work with.

Rest assured, freelancers get paid through PayPal or Payoneer within three business days, and those with higher profile levels may receive their payments even sooner. It’s a great platform to showcase your skills and get rewarded for your hard work

Final Words

if you are a freelancer looking for freelance websites for work then there is a hell of a choice to choose from. you can read the details to find out the best one for you. there are the top best freelancing platforms to work on in 2024. hope you will make the most of your talent. Try any platform that suits you.

I just would like to advise you not to waste your talent and get on to one of any or multiple platforms and find jobs suiting your needs. Thank you.

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  1. Amazing dude, some these platforms are actually really amazing to work at but some are just fro professionals. A really informative blog actually. Keep it up man.


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