Creating your community channel will make a huge difference because, with WhatsApp, you can now create your own WhatsApp channel where you get to decide the audience. You can promote and grow your business, plus share your experience with your chosen audience. The channel is going to help you organize your conversation with ease. Now, you speak instead of writing a long script.

How To Create WhatsApp Channels

You might be thinking, how is this possible, or it’s just a rumor? But let me inform you that it’s all true. This feature has been released in almost all countries. However, there are some countries where this is not yet released. If your country is included where this feature has been released and yet you don’t have it on your WhatsApp, then it means just one thing. You will have to follow the following steps to activate your channel. So come on, let’s go. What are you waiting for, Christmas

We all love using WhatsApp as it is the largest and most popular communication application. It has changed the world with its communication system. Using this fantastic app, you can connect to any around the globe. It started with a texting and communication app and updated itself occasionally. Now, this exciting, vibrant, renowned platform has introduced its best features yet. 

How To Create WhatsApp Channels

Follow the simple rules below to continue using this amazing new channel feature of WhatsApp.

 Update Your WhatsApp

You must have the latest version of WhatsApp (WhatsApp channel) and know how to update it. If you haven’t done it before, then follow me. 

  • Navigate to the app store and search for WhatsApp 
  • Now type Whatsapp in the search bar and hit search
  •  You will find an update button if it’s available 
  • Just beat that and wait for it to update
  • After updating, WhatsApp is complete
  • Now Open WhatsApp
  • When it is up and running, go to the Chats tab, where all your conversations live.
  • Now click on the green icon with a pencil sign and the word “Group” written under it.
  • Choose your audience with the WhatsApp channel feature.
  • You can add people from your contacts list with just a Tap.
  • You can add  participants to your group

Remember: The more people you add, the chattier it will get.

Additional Information on the WhatsApp Channel Feature

Choose a Group Icon

A picture can express all feelings, and a group icon can describe your WhatsApp channel’s main purpose. Make sure to add a describing DP. It will represent your channel’s identification with your audience.

Name Your Group

A group name gives it identity because it clarifies your aim, so I would suggest choosing an attractive and engaging title for your group WhatsApp channel.

About Group Privacy

This is, I think, the best part of every app. We all like our privacy and are very sensitive towards it. How to keep yourself secure with WhatsApp is very easy, so let’s get started.

There are three types of privacies

  • Everyone

Anyone who has your group link can join using this privacy setting

  • My Contacts

Only people from your contacts list can join by enabling this setting

  • My Contacts except

You can exclude specific contacts from joining using this option.

You can choose any of the options that suit your channel’s privacy needs and freely run your WhatsApp channel.

What Can You Do With WhatsApp Channel

You can do the additional settings with your WhatsApp channel after you have updated and created it.

Send Your First Message

After creating and selecting an audience, now share your thoughts by sending a welcoming message. This will begin a new journey and relationship. Simply say Hey everyone, welcome to my group.

Customize ( Whatsapp Channel) Group Settings

WhatsApp channels are featured with some fantastic settings. To be active, just follow the guidelines below

  • Tap on the group name at the top of your WhatsApp screen. 
  • Customize notifications
  • Change the group icon or name.
  • Add a description to give your added audience.

Promote Group Admins

As a WhatsApp channel creator, you are the default group admin. If you so choose, you can appoint other members to be admins, too. Admins can 

  • add or remove participants
  • Change group settings.
  • Remove people from the group if necessary. 

To Do This

  • Go to group info.
  • After that, go to the members.
  • Tap on the member you want to make an admin.
  • Select to make group admin other than you.

You can share your group links with your loved ones. when you want to add more people to join your channel, just send a link invitation.

To Do This

  • First, go to Group Info.
  • Copy or share the Invite Group
  • Share the link via WhatsApp, email, or other platforms.

Manage Group Members

As your channel grows, you will need to manage your members.  Not all members are the same regarding temperament, behaviour, or ability to comply with the group’s rules, so keep your members managed.

Final Thoughts

Creating WhatsApp channels is an excellent way of managing your conversations with your audience. It permits you to connect directly with specific groups or people. Just create your channel and follow the tips and settings to get started. With these amazing features, I have also benefited myself. using the channel I manage my regular affairs with my audience easily. If you want to ease your life then what are you waiting to. Go and create your own WhatsApp channel. Thank you