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Iowa School Shooting Updates: 6th grade student dead, 5 others injured in Perry High School shooting, suspect identified

It’s so tragic to hear about what happened in Perry, Iowa. It’s such a tragic incident. Officials have reported that a middle school student sadly lost their life, and five others were injured in a shooting at Perry High School.

Iowa School Shooting 6th grade student dead, 5 others injured in Perry High School

 The shooter, Dylan Butler, who was a 17-year-old student at the high school, is also deceased. It’s a really devastating situation.

According to Mitch Mortvedt from the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation, the child who was killed was a 6th grade student at Perry Middle School. Along with that, four other students and one administrator were injured. 

As of Thursday afternoon, one of the victims is in critical condition with non-life threatening injuries, while the other four are in stable condition. Unfortunately, the identities of the victims have not been disclosed.

When the local law enforcement received reports of the shooting around 7:37 a.m., they quickly arrived on the scene within seven minutes. It must have been a chaotic and terrifying situation for everyone involved. 

My thoughts go out to the victims, their families, and the entire Perry community during this difficult time.

When the authorities arrived at the scene, they discovered several individuals with gunshot wounds, including the shooter, who had inflicted a gunshot wound on themselves. Additionally, law enforcement found an improvised explosive device, but they were able to safely handle it.

Officials are currently investigating to determine Dylan Butler’s motive for the shooting. It has been reported that he brought a pump-action shotgun and a small-calibre handgun into the school. 

There were also social media posts made by Butler around the time of the incident. Based on the evidence so far, it appears that Butler acted alone in this tragic event.

Perry High School is located around 40 miles northwest of Des Moines. It’s really sad that this tragedy occurred on the school’s first day back after the holiday break. As a result, classes have been cancelled for the day.

Students, Parents Describe Scene’s Terror 

According to reports from KCCI, many parents shared their experiences and described the horrifying scene. Some parents mentioned that when they arrived at the school this morning, their children were being turned away. 

One parent, Erica Jolliff, mentioned that her ninth-grade daughter was quickly taken away from the school grounds at 7:45 a.m. It must have been a very distressing situation for her. Jolliff also mentioned that she was still searching for her sixth-grade son, Amir, one hour after that. 

I can only imagine how worried she must have been. It’s truly heartbreaking to hear about the fear and uncertainty that students and parents faced during this tragic event. My thoughts are with all the students, parents, and the entire community as they navigate through this difficult time.

“I just want to know that he’s safe and OK,” Jolliff said. “They won’t tell me nothing.”

Oh my goodness, that sounds absolutely terrifying! High school senior Ava Augustus shared her harrowing experience of being in a counsellor’s office, waiting for her counsellor to arrive, when she suddenly heard three shots. 

Along with others, she quickly barricaded the door, ready to defend themselves if necessary. 

Unfortunately, the window was too small for them to escape through. Ava tearfully recounted the moment when they heard the words, “He’s down. You can go out.” 

With a mix of fear and relief, she ran out, only to be greeted by a scene of shattered glass everywhere and blood on the floor. As she made her way to her car, she witnessed the heartbreaking sight of a girl being carried out of the auditorium with a gunshot wound to her leg.

I can’t even imagine how traumatic and distressing that must have been for Ava and everyone else involved. It’s truly heartbreaking to hear about such acts of violence in a place where students should feel safe. 

Zander’s father, Kevin Shelley, shared that Zander was in a hallway when he heard gunshots and quickly sought refuge in a classroom. Thankfully, he only suffered grazes from the bullets and was able to hide in the classroom. Zander even managed to text his father at 7:36 a.m., letting him know that he was okay.

Kevin, who works as a garbage truck driver, immediately informed his boss that he had to leave. I can only imagine how scared he must have been at that moment. 

Rachael Kares, an 18-year-old senior, was just finishing up jazz band practice when she and her bandmates heard what she described as four gunshots, spaced apart. 

“We all just jumped,” Kares said. “My band teacher looked at us and yelled, ‘Run!’ So we ran.”

Rachael shared that she and many others ran out past the football field, with people yelling, “Get out! Get out!” It’s so scary to think about the sounds of additional shots ringing out as they were running. I can only imagine the fear and confusion at that moment. Rachael’s main concern was getting home to her 3-year-old son, 

“At that moment I didn’t care about anything except getting out because I had to get home with my son,” she said.

Officials Offer Condolences

It’s really reassuring to hear that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is closely monitoring the situation. They mentioned that agents from the FBI Omaha Des Moines resident agency are on the scene and are providing assistance to the Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation. It’s good to know that they’re actively involved in ensuring the safety and security of everyone affected.

I’m glad to hear that President Joe Biden has been briefed on the shooting. The White House is in touch with the Iowa governor’s office, which shows that they’re taking this situation seriously and are working to support the community..

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds expressed her deep sadness over this senseless tragedy. She shared her heartfelt prayers for the students, teachers, and families of the Perry Community. 

Governor Reynolds also mentioned that she has been in contact with law enforcement, which is an important step in coordinating efforts to address the situation.

It’s comforting to know that the governor is standing with the community during this difficult time. Her words of support and solidarity at the press conference on Thursday afternoon must have provided some comfort to the community members.

Let’s continue to keep everyone affected in our thoughts and support each other during this challenging time.

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