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 Holiday Wellness Tips | Stay Merry and Bright, Inside Out 2023

Holiday wellness is so important for you and me, in fact for all of us. Christmas or winter holidays is the best time of the year with lots of activities going on. I just love the aroma and the magic spread all over during winter holidays.

I love holidays as it gives me the time for myself to do all that I have missed during my busy work routine. Winter holiday especially is the time for twinkling lights, gingerbread lattes, and endless gatherings to share our love and joy. 

We sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. But don’t worry, my friends. This guide has got you covered with tips to keep you amazed, and healthy in holidays. It is a reminder for you so you don’t forget how important you are and your health.

Feasts wellness 

Savour the symphony of flavors on your plate. Let the juicy roast chicken melt in your mouth, a comforting counterpoint to the crisp bite of winter greens just makes my mouth water.

Well, during the holidays, it’s hard to resist all the yummy treats and the wonderful delights of Christmas. But don’t miss your regular meals too. I just love the traditional Christmas delights but I also keep track of my health and diet.

It is great to give your body the fuel it needs with balanced dishes that include fruits, veggies, and whole grains because a healthy stomach keeps you healthy 

It wouldn’t be fair to keep yourself away from holiday treats. So, treat yourself to a holiday with your favorites,

Have you ever considered swapping Christmas pudding for a lighter fruit crumble or going for sweet potato casserole with a touch of maple syrup instead of marshmallows? If you haven’t then give it a try because I just loved them.

Overall, guys keep yourself safe and healthy during all festive holidays, not only on Christmas.

Holiday Cheer With Health 

I know that the delights and the yummy treats are irresistible. Fizzy sodas and fancy cocktails are really fun. But are you aware that they can zap your energy and make you feel tired? Too much consumption of sugar leads to bad health.

So, what would be more healthy is to drink plenty of water and herbal teas to stay hydrated during these festive holidays. Actually, you should give it a go to a comforting cup of mulled cider or treat yourself to a refreshing cranberry gin and tonic like I do.

Make It Exciting and Fit 

What would be more fun and exciting than finding activities that bring you joy and get your body moving? So, why not get together with your friends and family to have a loving snowball fight? 

You can also go to festive ice skating sessions with your partner to have a little fun. I do it every Christmas. For most people, it’s all about finding inner happiness in this magical time of year and this is the most important thing.

Recharge Your Inner Spirit

Winter, I love the spirit it brings with it. You have to get your spirit going this winter holiday. I know it can get pretty restless but still, you should sleep well for 7-8 hours each night to recharge your energy and your spirit. 

Additionally, You should plan cozy sleepovers with your loved ones, whether it’s snuggling up for a movie in your comfiest pajamas or having warming fireside chit-chat with hot cocoas.

For me, it’s all about finding those moments of relaxation during this special time. So, enjoy the cozy vibes during this magical season 

Well, it’s not hard to make yourself happy and make the surroundings like magic. Holiday wellness is really essential. Let’s see how can we make our holiday happy and healthy.

Connect And Share

What a wonderful time when it’s Christmas. It’s all about coming together and spreading love or spending some quality time with your loved ones. Having a cozying movie night, delighting in dinner, and decorating together, is a fun time of togetherness.

You can do lots of good things around you like an old age home where you can gift presents to make their Christmas better or on top, organize a caroling session in a care home. Let’s make this holiday season extra special by sharing love and happiness with one another.

Avoid Extra Treats 

We all have invitations to dinners or parties but sometimes it is stressful and very hard to say no to. Well, it is totally fine to say no to unwanted parties or get-togethers. As a working woman from 9 to 5, I have lots on my mind during holidays.

The main thing for me is to spend alone relaxive time. So your first priority should be your own self. If you are not comfortable then feel free to say no.

Show Appreciation

What a wonderful time in Christmas when magic flows in the air. It’s so important to take a moment and appreciate all the good things in your life. No matter how big or small they are, you should always be thankful. 

Anyway, one way to do this is by keeping an InTouch, where you can note down the things you’re thankful for every day. let them know how much they mean to you this Christmas. Isn’t it a wonderful idea? 

Expressing how much others mean to you is a beautiful way to spread positivity and make your heart feel full, I think. Trace the lines of a loved one’s face, etched with stories and laughter. 

Let your heart swell with appreciation for their presence in your life. Breathe in the fragrance of a pine tree, a silent ode to the beauty that surrounds you. It is the whispered thank you that makes the season resonate with meaning

De-Stress and Unwind Yourself This Winter 

I really get stressed during holidays and I think It’s super important to find healthy ways to manage stress and anxiety during the holidays. Sometimes work load remains on your shoulder even if you’re on holiday. 

Like, you can try doing some relaxing yoga in the comfort of your own living room. Well, I do that daily. Use meditation apps to help calm your mind like most people. O, another great idea is to listen to calming Christmas music that helps you unwind. Seriously, I love doing that. 

You can even try incorporating some breathing exercises while you’re decorating your beautiful tree, home and outdoor. Why not light some scented candles and treat yourself to a soothing bath?

Wao it’s going to be magical cold winter days to enjoy. More so, the holidays are all about joy, so make sure to take care of yourself.

Final Words

I love the time of the holidays when I finally get to relax and chill out. It is the magical time that I spend with my family, friends, and loved ones. We all are often busy in our lives and don’t have time where this is time to make memories and cherish them.

Christmas is all about keeping yourself and those around you happy and comfortable. You can make the most by doing the things I explained. You can do both to keep yourself fit and enjoy the festive winter holiday. 

Hopefully and most importantly, spread love, laughter, and a healthy dose of Merry Christmas to everything you do. Stay blessed and Merry Christmas from GHS.

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