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Earthquake In Northwest China | More Than 100 Killed 

Earthquake in Northwest China, Oh boy, a hell of a night it was for China. According to CNN, there is much loss to bear for China but hopefully, they will recover soon from it.

According To the latest news, at least 111 people have died. Talking about the injured, more than 200 others were injured after an earthquake in northwest China. It was stated by media reporters Tuesday morning local time that the incident just took place in northwest China. This happened at 11:59 p.m. China time stated in the New York Times. 

As stated by CNN and other news channels, after the earthquake struck Gansu Province in China on Monday night, rescue workers, including local emergency management and fire department officials, were deployed. It’s also what Chinese state media Xinhua reported. The overall famous media of China.

Latest Updates CNN China

The earthquake hit Jishishan county in Gansu Province on Monday night, causing damage to houses and roads. Rescue teams are working hard to find survivors trapped under debris, while residents sought shelter outside in the cold.

As of Tuesday morning, the earthquake has sadly claimed the lives of 105 people in Gansu, with over 4,700 houses damaged, as announced in a press conference by provincial authorities.

In total, 397 people have been injured in Gansu, including 16 in critical condition and 76 in serious condition, according to officials.

CCTV reported that eleven people have also lost their lives in the neighboring province of Qinghai.

Earlier, the United States Geological Survey reported that there was a strong earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9 in the area. They mentioned that it caused severe shaking and could lead to significant economic damage. Chinese authorities, on the other hand, gave a slightly higher reading of 6.2 magnitude for the earthquake.

Conforming to the USGS, the earthquake happened about 23 miles to the west-northwest of Linxia Cheng Guan Zhen. It had a shallow depth of just over 6 miles. The provincial capital of Lanzhou is approximately 60 miles away from the epicenter.

Aftershocks In The Region

As The New York Times states in the reports, an aftershock is usually a smaller earthquake that can follow a larger one in the same general area. But hopefully, it won’t happen. Generally speaking, aftershocks are small movements that happen along the same part of a fault that shifted during the main earthquake. So, they’re not usually too risky.

Aftershocks can come days, weeks, or even it can take years after the first earthquake. These incidents can be of equal or larger magnitude to the previous earthquake, and they can continue to affect damaged locations that have been affected before.

Final Word

It has been a tough night for northwest China and many families have started there. Hopefully, China will recover the loss but the loss of lives can’t be recovered. Sympathies are towards the family that has to bear the loss and special towards those with the loss of a person, life, and family members. Thank you.

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