The Secrets That Apple (iPhone 15) Hasn’t Revealed Yet

Smartphone photography is really getting into something. It is increasing randomly throughout the world. I, Ghosia Shahid, have never felt like upgrading my smartphone to iPhone 15. Actually, I am still pleased with my Xiaomi 13 ultra pro, and this is the amount I’ve spent while longing for a unique phone.

We are introduced with upgraded higher-resolution sensors on smartphones every year. Thanks to the innovation of the periscope lenses. Smartphone companies are creating more megapixels, advanced processors, and extreme optical zoom ranges. There are so many features when considering a smartphone, but for me, the top priority has always been the camera and image quality.

I was amazed by the recent announcement of Apple’s newly launched models. The iPhone 15 with four models is really exciting news. I’ve never had a craze for Apple products and always preferred Android. Still, as a photographer, I must admit that the iPhone 15 Pro Max has some outstanding camera specs. I can’t help but acknowledge that it really is the phone for a photographer.

However, this news is spreading like a fire. The iPhone 15 has definitely given the reason to go pro max. Let’s discuss the mind-blowing features that made me a fan of this stunning creation.

iPhone 15 Megapixels

I would just love to talk about the best feature that amazed me. So, hold onto your hats because I’m about to get technical on this. I’ll start with the specs and explain why they are better than I thought.

Indeed, the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max devices still have the same 48 MP primary camera as last year’s iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max. Still, it is upgraded with a few changes that captured my attention, like three-axis stabilization plus a 25% larger quad-pixel sensor for increased low-light capabilities, resulting in reduced noise.

You will be delighted to know that it features a macro option on the ultrawide camera, including 120mm telephoto with 5x optical zoom. You were supposed only to get 3x on the iPhone 14 Pro Max, but it doesn’t beat the 10x optical zoom on the Samsung S21 Ultra.

Someone Clicking Photos Of A Landscape Using The Classical Android.

Phone recording of live music performance, in the studio

It may sound super-impressive, but it’s essential to know that smartphone megapixels differ from those you find with digital mirrorless cameras because of a process known as pixel binning. Many smartphone cameras combine pixels to form a superpixel. Still, the output at lower resolutions doesn’t reduce noise or improve the frame rate. These pixels are significantly smaller than the size of pixels in full-frame cameras. 

In other words, smartphone manufacturers are using a marketing gimmick to make their phones sound more impressive than they are. A 200MP camera on a small sensor will not take better photos than a lower-megapixel camera on a larger sensor. So, the 48MP camera of the iPhone 15  will reduce images to around 24 megapixels in processing.

In short, cameras are the most competitive element for smartphones. Still, megapixels are only some of them cracked up to be, so don’t be drawn in or base your purchase on the promise of megapixels and so on. 

Periscope Lenses On A Smartphone

You might have seen photographers holding around gigantic lenses for shooting different events. As for my personal experience, there are telephoto lenses that are enormous for a purpose. Let me briefly clarify. The simple logic is that when we magnify a subject at a distance, there must be some space or physical length between the front of the lens and the image sensors.

As a snapper, I have realised that the iPhone 15 Pro Max gets around by using a tetraprism method which bends the light path four times before it actually hits the sensor. It isn’t a periscope zoom that other smartphone manufacturers like Huawei, Google, Xiaomi, and Samsung have been relying upon. Nevertheless, the same idea applies to attempting to shoehorn large telephoto optics into smartphones. Achieving a much higher optical zoom in a tiny package is one of the greatest discoveries.

A Youngster Catching A View With Its Samsung S32 Ultra

As a photographer I know that periscope telephoto cameras have inferior image quality when I compare them with primary cameras, and digital zoom is just as not what I expect, which probably blows up the central region of a photo and creates pixelation in most cases. I can differentiate between the results as a professional experienced photographer.

Which Camera Phone Will I Prefer Buying?

My most favorable choices would actually be the Huawei P40 or  P50 Pro  which is built with 

  • Leica optics
  • A 50 MP main camera
  • 64 MP 90mm Telephoto periscope
  • 40MP Mono Camera
  • 13MP ultrawide camera. 

It’s affordable price of just £649.99 in the UK and $699.99 in the US at Amazon. It is a lot cheaper than an iPhone with a more desirable feature for me at least.

It has some of the most innovative camera systems compared to others in the market, due to the lack of 5G support I eventually dropped the Idea of buying the iPhone 15 Pro. The fact that it’s not compatible with Google services also bothered me a lot because I store my image data with Google services.

Huawei P50 Pro With Royal Colours

I always use my professional camera whenever I shoot. The beautiful and enchanted gold and silver color of this phone just gives a royal look while holding. I have never thought of showing up to my shoot with just my smartphone camera because it is not a professional thing for me. Even the best budget camera phones can do an excellent job at taking photos. But it’s not as good as my photography partner. 

I’ve tested many smartphones to know what I’m after in terms of quality, budget, and especially resolution. As a result, I have decided the Google Pixel 7 Pro as a strong choice for my next smartphone upgrade and that is because of its absolutely amazing camera. It boasts the ability to remove strangers from your photos and I love that feature. If rumors can be believed, I think I might hold off even longer for the upcoming bombastic Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra coming soon.

Talking about rumors, it’s said that the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra will not only be offering a 50MP telephoto camera, but it might also be capable of 8K 30p in telephoto mode. As an expert concert photographer, THE  from the S23 Ultra is also very appealing. Which is another reason that I am not a fan of iPhones. But then again it is a choice of yours to make. Thank you