Are You Searching for the Price of the Classy New Model iPhone 15? Do you want to know about the PTA tax it is going to cost you in Pakistan? I’ve got all the answers and information regarding your questions. Come on, let’s break the news to ease your purchase.


The iPhone is one of the best and most popular leading companies around the world with vibrant colours, looks, and a royal personality. People would do anything to buy an iPhone. It has been on fire since the new arrival. People were actually waiting for the next model and the wait is over. So let’s delve into the exciting features, specifications, and especially the rates of the iPhone 15 series including the PTA tax.

About The iPhone 15 Series

The new masterpiece consists of four models that are going to change the world, people, and their look. With its never-ending hunger and grace, you are going to find 

  • iPhone 15
  • 15 Plus
  • 15 Pro
  • 15 Max

Now you can find the right model that suits your personality or budget. This is a dynamic robust design. It houses a potent 48MP primary camera with an A16 Bionic processor. It is going to be a blast for its users and all those iPhone lovers.

IPhone 15 is launched with a more powerful processor that will make everything from gaming to multitasking faster and smoother than any other competitors in the market. A longer-lasting battery that will keep you going all day long with a highly improved camera system, larger sensor and a wider aperture, that will give you stunning photos and videos in all types of weather and light modes. 

New breakthrough with an incredibly smooth and responsive 120Hz Pro-motion display. It is created with next-generation A17 Pro chips. You are going to find several enhancements in the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max. The iPhone has led the race once again. But you will be curious to know the prices so let’s start our journey to find out the price and PTA Tax of each model of the iPhone new series. 

iPhone 15 Series Price In Pakistan

We are going to inform the actual prices according to the model.

iPhone 15 Base Model 

  • The price of the base model which includes 128 GB is Rs.236,000 ($799).
  • With 256 GB the price of the base model is Rs.265,500 ($899).
  • Finally, with 512 GB you will find this model at Rs.324,600 ($1099).

iPhone 15 Plus 

  • The Plus built-in with 128 GB is Rs.265,500 ($899).
  • 15 plus with 256 GB is Rs.295,000 ($999).
  • 15 Plus with 512 GB is Rs.354,100 ($1199).

Price Of The iPhone 15 Pro

  •  The Pro with 128 GB is Rs.295,000 ($999).
  • The price of Pro with 256 GB is Rs.324,600 ($1099).
  • With a Memory of 512 GB, the iPhone Pro is Rs.383,700 ($1299).

iPhone 15 Pro Max

  • The price of the Pro Max with 128 GB  memory is Rs.354,100 ($1199).
  • 256 GB built-in memory will be available at Rs.383,700 ($1299). 
  • Pro Max 512 GB is only for Rs.442,700 ($1499).

iPhone 15 Series PTA Tax In Pakistan

A buyer needs to know that The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has imposed specific tax rates on various Mobile phones. Apple 15 series models also include tax PTA to continue its use. PTA tax depends on the model. Let light the PTA tax of all models of iPhone 15.

iPhone 15 and PTA Tax In Pakistan

The PTA tax on Passport registration stands at PKR 107,325, while for CNIC registration the amount is PKR 130,708.

15 Plus PTA Tax In Pakistan

You will pay a PTA tax of PKR 113,075 for Passport registration plus PKR 137,033 for CNIC registration to use the remarkable Plus model.

15 Pro With PTA Tax In Pakistan

It includes PKR 122,275 PTA Tax for Passport registration with PKR 147,153 for CNIC registration.

15 Pro Max Including PTA Tax In Pakistan

For this outstanding creation, you will bear a PTA tax of PKR 131,130 for Passport registration including PKR 156,893 for CNIC registration.

Note: You must know that for PTA tax payments must be made within 30 days for Passport registration for all these models. As for the CNIC registration, to comply with the regulatory requirements you will pay within 60 days.

Complete Price Of iPhone 15 Series PTA Tax In Pakistan

We have sorted the final price for every model of 15 series, including tax, for you to easily understand the expense you would beat while purchasing iPhone 15.

Total PTA tax Price On Passport

Mobile Price+PTA128GB256GB512B
15 PlusRs.378,575Rs.408,075Rs.467,175
15 ProRs.417,275Rs.446,875Rs.505,975
15 Pro MaxRs.485,230Rs.514,830Rs.573,830

Total PTA Tax Price On CNIC

Mobile Price+PTA128GB256GB512B
15 PlusRs.396,208Rs.432,033Rs.491,133
15 ProRs.442,153Rs.471,753Rs.530,853
15 Pro MaxRs.510,993Rs.540,593Rs.599,593

Final Thought

Apple is one of the top-notch companies around the globe. With absolutely stunning high-quality standards and features from out the world. It has maintained its quality and given the world something blasting with every model. The 15 series is also classy and loyal with basic to premium series you can choose the best for your budget. For all those Pakistani, I have mentioned the series with price, PTA including on passport and CNIC. If you are planning to buy any 15 series then prices and taxes are mentioned for your ease.