Are you a cricket lover and want to know about the best cricketers? Well, I am here to give you the exciting insides you want.

Even though all the cricketers are the best and hardworking, and they put all their effort into making their nation proud, some are just lucky to build up global names and earn awards.

I Ghosia Hussain Shahid, personally think that it’s not fair with the other cricketers, but it is a game of luck and scores.

Some cricketers are famous for their personality, work, efforts, and awards, and others don’t get that lucky. So, let’s delve into the briefings of those blessed and famous cricketers.

Top Best Cricketers 2023

Many cricketer players are famous, but I am going to highlight the best among all who are flying in their careers right now and are admired by people worldwide.

They work hard to maintain a status in the history of cricket. Who are the famous cricket players and why are they so admired? Let’s find out in this blog.

Shakib Al Hasan, Best Cricketer of Bangladesh

I would say that Shakib is one of the cricketers who hasn’t received the fame he actually deserved. However, if we see his performances in various formats of matches, his batting strategies are fitter than his bowling.

In the test ODI and T20, his batting average was better than his bowling average, which is even more impressive for an all-rounder.

Regarding the ICC ranking, he ranked number 1 in the T20 and ODI as an all-rounder in the top three test matches. Even though there have been some conversations in his career, I think his actual value will be appreciated once he decides to retire.

shakib is an excellent player and has given standout performances for Bangladesh.

Jasprit Bumrah An Indian International Player

Talking about Jasprit, he is a famous versatile cricketer in good shape. He is the master of fast bowling in the world of cricket. Jasprit’s got the most effective and tricky bowling styles, which confuses a batman on the pitch. He plays with the red ball in his unique technical style, which makes it hard for the Batman man to predict his deliveries.

He is well known for his aggressive bouncers as well as for pinpoint Yorker. He is admired because of his famous bowling techniques. He is one of the fastest and the best players in india.

Joe Root, England’s Cricket Player

Another of the best cricket player from England, Joe Root, may not be a good batter, but he is famous for his performance as he has played a lot of cricket matches on the field of England. He is considered one of the best cricketers of his time. However, he is not a part of England’s white-ball team, but that doesn’t mean that his abilities aren’t notable. It’s just that there are more talented batsmen besides himself.

Joseph Edward Root formerly captained the test team and also represented Yorkshire in English domestic cricket. Root’s dominance with superior runs and centuries has made his name at the top of the list of notable cricketers.

Mohammad Barber Azam, Player Of Pakistan

barber started from white-ball matches in Pakistan and became the Pakistani’s most prominent batter. He has given sparkling performances in T20 and ODI Matches. he has significantly handled the pressure of his cricket performances.

In the last few years, Baber Azam has outperformed the famous Fab Four. He is one of the most popular Pakistani players who is still young and active. It seems he is onwards to a successful career in cricket. He has made history with names like Younis Khan, Mohammad Yousuf, and Inzamam ul haq and is still in the race for top cricketers.

Ben Stokes, England’s Cricketer

Ben Stokes is one of the admirable cricketers who made his place in cricket history as an excellent, wise captain. However, he is not the best in cricket as other top cricketers, but he has done some of the most demanding things in the history of cricket that gave him a historical intro. 

Returning to 2019, He made his name in the headlines and two World Cups while the pressure was high. After that, in 2022, he became the captain of test matches.

Ben changed how people would see these matches and made them more notable in cricket history.

Ben Stroke has recently retired from ODI, even though he is not very impressive on the ground. Still, he has given Egland a good name in the history of cricket, and under his captaincy, England has been a match-winner.

In one sentence, he is a legend in cricket history.

Shaheen Shahid Afridi, Pakistani Cricketer

Shaheen Shahid Afredi Started playing as a teenager and rapidly became one of the best bowlers in the world of cricket. He is known for his tricky bounces in bowling. His height is a big advantage as a bowler. He has a grip of bowling on flat pitches in UAE as well as in his homeland.

He is actually good in all three formats, and that is his specialty. During test matches, he can control the game with his unique bowling, and as a batsman, he can score runs with his long legs. He is skilled at using Yorkers in limited overs of the game. With aggressive, short deliveries, he makes himself a hard and challenging opponent. He is an overall great and well-named cricketer in Pakistan as well as worldwide.

Suryakumar Yadav, An Indian Player

Suryakumar is famous for his exceptional T20 performances as well as playing for the Mumbai Indians in the IPL. Additionally, It’s hard to rate his cricket career. Even though he is considered one of the best T20 batsmen worldwide, he has only played 20 ODIs and has never been part of any Test match. He is notable for his least but best performances.

When he was in his 30s, he had already started making a name in the history of cricket. Even though it took a while for India to give him a chance, eventually, he was fully prepared when he made his start in international cricket. It would be honored to alight his IPL and international career as he proved that he can hit the ball in all directions. It was extremely challenging for the bowler to stop him from scoring once he got into his grooves.

Steve Smith, Australian Cricketer

With an average of over 60 in the test matches, Steve Smith’s performance is very impressive. Even though he is not a strong player in White ball cricket, he still has a good record in ODIs. In the Ashes series in 2019, he had an average over 110, which made him a notable personality in the cricket world. Although he hasn’t been prolific in test matches but is considered the finest batter in the longer format of cricket matches.

He has played well on all types of pitches, which sets him apart from other cricketers. Whenever he decides to retire, he will be remembered as one of the leading hitters of the 21st century. The best batman of 

Kagiso Rabada, South African Player 

Kagiso Rabada made himself notable as an international cricket player when he was pretty young. Moreover, he has continued as a top performer in all three game formats. Additionally, with his ability to throw a bowl with speed and bounce on all types of tough pitches, he has made his name in cricket as well as in the hearts of his nation. I also admire his ways of bowling because it is very different from other bowlers.

You probably know that After some time, when South Africa had great fast bowlers like Dale Steyn and Morne Morkel, Rabada also stepped up to lead their bowling attack. His performance statistics are excellent in all formats, and I love this about him, especially in Test matches, where he has one of the best strike rates in history and rules his nation’s hearts.

Rashid Khan Player Of Afghanistan

Rashid Khan may not be a significant spinner cricket palyer, but in white ball cricket, his leggies have become the most effective weapon.

His performance in test crickets has set off really well, even though Afghanistan is a recent-playing nation. He has earned his name for his impressive bowling technique called googly. Adding on, Rashid Khan has performed well in short-form matches.

Till now, he has played over 15O in white ball cricket in Afghanistan. He also has an impressive grip on batting and has made essential runs for his team.

Rashid khan is blessed, loved, and appreciated worldwide for his fabulous performances.

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Final Thoughts

I hope you would like to hear more about cricket as it’s making a fire in the history of games. Cricket players are an important part where they work hard to support and make their nation proud.

Every player is unique, but some are just legends and lucky to have the abilities and talent to make themselves and their nation round. These are the ones that rule people’s hearts and make history even if they are not around.